LEDs numbers and initials

Let Just4u light up your event with our LED props and backdrops.

We can honestly say, we specialise in the creation and hiring of stand-out, bold and bright initials, and words.

Our LED clear ‘Cabochon Fairground’ bulbs are designed with safety in mind. Low voltage, which provide amazing light and looks so much more impressive!

All our products are handmade ,and everything is owned by Just4 

  • LED starlight backdrop curtain (3m x6m)
  • LED dance floors (12 x 12, 14 x 14, or 16 x 16)
  • LED Top table skirts and Cake table skirts.
  • 4ft solid white LOVE letters
  • 4ft solid white initials (full alphabet ) in any combination you can desire.
  • 4ft silver glitter Love letters;  Sparkle, glitz and glamour ,turn your special day into a glittering masterpiece.

The silver sparkle also has an LED light up heart which can be hired separately, or in place of the ‘O’ in the 4ft Love.

  • 3ft Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs
  • 3ft solid white numbers (In any combination you can imagine.)
  • 2ft Rustic Love
  • 2ft ( white) Boy or Girl
  • 1.5ft ( White ) Mr & Mrs
  • 1ft (white) Bar
  • 1ft (white) Love